Swirls of Noise Radio #47 February 2017

Here’s the February edition of Swirls of Noise Radio, as usual featuring the music I’ve been listening to the most the last month. Trees of Eternity open, a track from one of the best album’s I’ve heard in a long … Continue reading

Swirls of Noise Radio #41

Here’s the latest SoN radio, and it’s a really great offering this time around. Opening this week is the new song from Stream of Passion vocalist Marcela Bovio’s upcoming solo album, followed by Ambeon, another progressive metal band from Stream of … Continue reading

Swirls of Noise Radio #8

Lots of good stuff featured on Swirls of Noise radio this week. Some fantastic atmospheric black metal from Adabroc and Yarek Ovich, beautiful neo-classical/folk from Musk Ox and great recent symphonic metal from Leaves’ Eyes. Add a dose of ambient, … Continue reading