About and contact info

Swirls of Noise is a music website featuring album and live reviews, interviews and monthly radio playlists.

The main ethos of the website is to share good music from a variety of different genres with the focus of bringing talented yet not very well known artists to more people’s attention – though sometimes covering fantastic music by better known artists too.

My favoured genres of music are black and death metal, ambient and drone. I like most other types of metal/grindcore, and some shoegaze and noise too.

Unfortunately I am no longer accepting ¬†digital promos by email and will be removing the address. Between my job and carrying out a masters degree I simply don’t have time to read through the 30-50 emails a day I am receiving, which is a shame but that’s how life is. I still try to write 1-2 reviews a week, so if you want to send me music to review then please do so via physical submission. Cassette, CD, vinyl, even a CDR with your project’s name on it if you haven’t had an official release yet is accepted. You can message me on facebook (I much prefer it to twitter) for anything else such as interview/live show review requests or just any recommendations for bands, other blogs or anything else you feel like asking. However please don’t send review requests via facebook.

Thank you to all for reading and listening, and hopefully finding some cool new music.

Contact details:
14 Clarendon Court, Wexham Rd, Slough, SL2 5QJ, United Kingdom



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