Swirls of Noise Radio #54 – September 2017 Edition

Here’s September’s SON radio. Insane death/black metal in various forms opens it from Kthoniik Cerviik’s sprawling madness to Nyogthaeblisz’s lo-fi war metal monstrosity. Esoctrilihum play great black metal of an occult and atmospheric nature, before Monolord brighten up with great stoner doom riffs, but the darkness dragged back by Lisa Cuthbert’s noisy ambient and haunting vocals. It’s not SON radio without some ambient, so Galdur and Elador close this month’s edition with some brilliant dungeonsynth, the former is an 11 minute monolith with serious haunting black metal influence. Enjoy!

Khthoniik Cerviiks – Spiral Spire Stigma, from With Gangrene Edges ​/​ Voiidwarp, 2017
Genocide Shrines – Ethnoheretical Padmavyuha Consecration, from Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil: Scriptures of Reversed Puraana Dharmurder, 2015
Eggs of Gomorhh – Elation Devout, from Rot Prophet, 2016
Vitreoous – Unsely, from Chants of Deprecation, 2017
Nyogthaeblisz –  Diabolist Militancy, from Apex Satanist, 2017
Esoctrilihum – Infernus Spiritas, from Mystic Echo from a Funeral Dimension, 2017
Monolord – Dear Lucifer, from Rust, 2017
Lisa Cuthbert – The Host Wants a Parasite, from Hextapes, 2016
Galdur – Lord of Iron Fortress, from Age of Legends, 2016
Elador – Grimwind of Frozen Gates, from By the Pathways of Forgotten Legends


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