Seprevation – Echoes of Mercy

Seprevation’s 2014 debut album Consumed is one of the best releases from a British death metal group of the last few years. They’ve just released a four track follow up EP, and taken everything that was great about the debut, the energy, technicality, riffs and killer vocals and kicked it all up a notch on Echoes of Mercy in an astounding follow up release.

The debut album was more thrashy, but this one is more straight up death metal, and while the influence from Death remains, this release sees Seprevation moving more into their own niche and sound. Whilst still rooted in old school death metal with technical flourishes in some of the riffs and leads, the music has gotten more brutal, the performances more aggressive. The fast crashing drums and melodic lead guitar in the intro to Slaughterous set the scene  before it moves into fast riffs with a barbed wire guitar tone, throat tearing high pitched screams with fast rumbling bass sounding like bombs going off beneath the mix. The slower headbangable riffs in the chorus go well with the lower pitched growls, as do the melodic Death-isms with the scale running riffs, but it’s when they absolutely go all out with blastbeats, fast as fuck bass and razor-wire riffs that Seprevation are at their best. A Fate Beyond the Flesh is catchy with memorable leads and chorus, while The Death Ethos is darker in places and more mid-paced, but it’s the closing title track that steals the show with those ridiculously fast blastbeats, pummeling bass, unexpectedly proggy guitar parts and frighteningly savage vocals.

On Echoes of Mercy Seprevation continue to show while they’re absolutely at the top of the British death metal scene, with brutality, aggression and technicality. Support the underground and check this one out!


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