Swirls of Noise Radio #53 August 2017 Edition

Here’s August’s SON radio. Kicking off with England’s finest of upcoming death metal talent, Seprevation are back with their brand new EP, closely followed from some utter insanity from Vassafor and Tetragrammicide. If this is just the rough mix from Burial Invocation’s new album I can’t wait to hear the final result from this fantastic death metal band while Pathology bring the brutality. Old and new school grind follows from Leng T’che and Impetigo, while Auðn and Cormorant bring atmospheric and progressive black metal. It’s a return to metal for ex-Nightwish singer Anette Olzon, and the symphonic metal continues with USA’s Seven Spires, with more female vocal goodness from blues rock group Pristine. As usual there’s ambient too of the ritual variety this time from Penjaga Insaf, Controlled Bleeding and Draugurinn to see out the mix. Happy listening!

Seprevation – Echoes of Mercy, from Echoes of Mercy, 2017
Vassafor  – Emergence (Of an Unconquerable One), from Malediction, upcoming 2017
Tetragrammacide – Cyberserking Strategic Kalpa – Terminator, from Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix, upcoming 2017
Burial Invocation – Phantasmagoric Transcendence (Rough Mix), from upcoming album
Pathology – Vermilion, from Pathology, 2017
Leng T’che – I am the Vulture, from Razorgrind, 2017
Impetigo – Staph Terrorist from Horror of the Zombies, 1992
Auðn – Í Hálmstráið Held, from Farvegir Fyrndar, upcoming 2017
Cormorant – Sentinel, from Diaspora, 2017
The Dark Element – The Dark Element, from The Dark Element, upcoming 2017
Seven Spires – Serenity, from Solveig, 2017
Pristine – The Rebel Song, from Ninja, 2017
Penjaga Insaf – Pulang, from Sama Sadja, 2010
Controlled Bleeding -The Shallow Sky, from Music from the Scourging Ground, 1987
Draugurinn – Urðarmáni, from Myrkraverk, 2011



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