Party Cannon – Perverse Party Platter

Get out the snapbacks, camo shorts and bongs, everyone’s favourite Sottish slam crew are back with another EP of pure party slam. Foregoing the usual gore lyrics of the genre for the good times they’ve made waves in part thanks to their Toys ‘R’ Us style logo as well as their awesomely brutal and fun music. Perverse Party Platter is the follow up to 2015’s debut full length Bong Hit Hospitalization, and the same ridiculous song writing, funny samples and slams are back on another sick release.

Perverse Party Platter won’t change your mind if you didn’t like Bong Hit Hospitalisation, as it’s in the same style, but most of the songs here are better than those on the debut release as they’ve clearly honed their song writing. The opening track Everyone is Still Dead to Me begins with their typical bouncy brutal death riffs, fast tinny drums and the sick gutturals Tony Reddle is known for, with some vicious higher pitched snarls to change it up. Showing they’ve got a sense of fun with a ripping solo along with the bouncy riffage, they break out into what we all know has been coming in the middle of the track with a glorious bouncy slam riff backed by some of the most grizzly gutturals we’ve heard yet from Party Cannon. That second slam at the end under some sick pig squeals is also one of the best slam sections they’ve done yet. Soft, White Gelatinous Body on the other hand doesn’t make you wait for the slams as they open with a typical ignorant slammy riff, moving into some twisted chugs, and a bit of technical squealy guitar over the top. It’s a slower track that’s a bit of a step down from the awesome opener, considering in the parts where it does speed up the riffs don’t really stand out much with just a few chugs and sweep picks. It’s one that’s going to be better when you’re in the pit seeing them live for sure. Keg Crusher sounds closest in style to their first album with more of the spastic movement from riff to riff and inventive drum fills along side the mid paced parts that show there’s more to them than just rapid blastbeats, chugs and ignorant slams in another great track.

Closer Partypocalypse is another highlight with some really sick typical brutal death metal guitar work and tinny blastbeats reminding of classic bands such as Disgorge, bringing the best riffs  on the EP since the opener, and the frantic solo that runs in the middle mixes it up with a dash of technicality before moving straight back into a mix of sick slams and impressive scale runs. That churning riff that comes in at around the 2:20 mark is devastating, fast as anything like a brutal blow to the head before they come back with a mid paced slam that is practically impossible to resist banging your head like an inebriated party animal to.

Party Cannon aren’t just a gimmick, they bring some of the best riffs, sickest slams and nastiest gutturals around, and combine it with fun and spastic songwriting, constantly changing it up with a sense of pure fun. The opener and closer are among the best tracks they’ve written to date. Blast Perverse Party Platter to liven up any of your parties and slam the night away.


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