Cytotoxin – Gammageddon

If you like your brutal death metal with ridiculous levels of technicality then Cytotoxin probably haven’t escaped you with their two previous albums. Their third full length Gammageddon has recently dropped and their irradiated death metal has been taken to the next level. If you want both brutality and technicality you can’t do much better than checking these guys out.

Cytotoxin’s style won’t be for everyone, and if you worship at the altar of old school death metal while disliking acts like Origin and Wormed this won’t be for you, if however lashings upon lashings of sweep picking and gutturals sounds like your sort of thing then read on. The first track Radiatus Generis sets the scene by flying into some lightning fast cyclical sweep picking and gutturals right off the bat before settling into some fast brutal death metal riffing like Cannibal Corpse on steroids. The drums aren’t as insane as the guitars, mostly keeping pace with a few fills here and there, while the low tuned bass flops around in the low end with some insane lines. Chugged repetitive riffs make room for some headbanging and sick gutturals from Sebastian Grihm. There’s some parts where they slow it down without descending into all out slam, just giving a slight reprieve from the insane brain drill of riffs. Despite their frenzied technicality there’s still some catchy riffs to be found here in those bouncy riffs when the sweep picking and scale runs relent. Massive radiation detected indeed. Chaos Crusade carries on in the same way with some absolutely sick pig squeals and a few slams along the way, whilst the title track brings a bit of groove to its riffs alongside the melodic technical insanity.

Redifining Zenith’s tight and cyclical riffs and frantic soloing is similar to Wormed with its somewhat spacey feel to it coming from some tremolo riffs, and it contains some of Grihm’s sickest gutturals and squeals, while Corium Era has some of the most melodic playing give it an epic sound but still brings the brutality with some insane blasting towards the end. By far the pick of the tracks though is the longest one here, Chernopolis with its eerie dissonant guitars moving into a guitar solo that’s so fast and unpredictable it’s jaw dropping. Some filthy grooving chugs induce severe headbanging while Grihm’s slow gutturals are sick, especially with the rhythmic timing with the bouncy riffs. By the time it kicks into the blastbeats its already one that will have you convinced to play it on repeat as it’s so heavy, but their constant changing of riffs, from chugs to sweeps to slams, as well as snaking solos in here and there is simply insane.

If technical noodly brutal death metal isn’t for you then Gammageddon sure won’t convince you, but if you like that style then Cytotoxin has everything: massive brutality, sick squeals and gutturals, filthy chugs and lightning fast guitars decimating everything with their radiation sickness.


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