Expulsion – Nightmare Future

Sick of modern grindcore and longing for the old school sound? Is the spastic tech-grind and experimental noise stuff not getting your head banging properly? Maybe you’re just waiting for the day Repulsion will finally go back into the studio rather than just bash out the thirty year old Horrified hits gig after gig? Well look no further than Expulsion, a supergroup of sorts with Repulsion and Exhumed members playing old school thrashy grindcore like it’s 1987. Nightmare Future is the debut album with seven songs in fourteen minutes with sick vocals, d-beats and chunky grinding the riffs the way classic grind should be.

Whilst there’s little on Nightmare Future you haven’t heard before it’s rare that you ever get it this good. It’s in the classic grindcore style you know and love, with more than a good bit of thrash to it. It’s not a million miles an hour, but based in that dirty punk style of simple grooving chunky riffs with a great grinding tone and dirty bouncing basslines. The vocals are in the best Scott Carlson impression, gruff thrashy shouts with all the lyrics understandable which is a great bonus. Spewing the lyrics with venom fast and furiously against a torrent of great punky riffs that never let up the album is a nonstop headbanger, and it’s varied too – the title track sounding closer to old school hardcore punk with it’s higher pitched bouncy riffs that aren’t as heavy as the rest of the album but still kick ass with that bit of melody, while Funeral Bells is slower and darker with a bit of a doomy sound.  There’s also some shredding guitar solos that you wouldn’t get in a lot of modern grindcore styles on Total Human Genocide and Mask of Fear that will rip your face apart. The drums are more of a classic rhythmic d-beat than million miles an hour blastbeats, fitting in well with the catchy vocal lines and riffs.

On Nightmare Future Expulsion will take you back to the classic thrashy grindcore sound of the eighties. Its massive riffs, gruff vocals and d-beat drums and great varied song-writing across it’s 14 minute length will have you banging your head and playing it over and over.


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