Aversio Humanitatis – Longing for the Untold

Longing for the Untold is an absolute gem of an EP from Spanish black metal group Aversio Humanitatis. With a huge dense sound to the production, killer riffs and keen sense of melody, they’ve released one of the best underground EPs of the year so far, taking the melodic sense of MGLA and upping the heaviness into caustic abyssal depths.

From the start of Longing For the Untold it grabs you by the throat with a barrage of pounding drums coming in atop some misanthropic minor tremolo melodies and pummeling low murky bass. Some technical melodic playing in the background gives it a melodic vibe similar to MGLA but the atmosphere is incomparably heavier. It’s a dark, oppressive and melancholic wall of sound. The vocals have a low bellowing growl sound with occasional higher pitched rasps, and they sound barbarous among against the caustic guitars. The riffwork is absolutely immense, switching between tremolo picked melodies, powerful headbanging chug riffs, slower melodic atmospheric parts and higher pitched melodic background melodies with aplomb, knitted together with tight, excellent song writing. The production is immense, a bass heavy wall of sound that’s one of the heaviest I’ve heard within black metal, as dense as a dying star.

There’s variation across the four tracks, with the slower more considered Prison of Shattered Glass channeling an esoteric occult atmosphere through powerful melodies that snake their way through the track in between slow, heavy riffs, with chords hanging in the air with a haunting tension, but as always there’s the fast pummeling assaults on your skull to keep the insanity going. The Ever Shifting Path has more of a doomy quality to it with it’s slower tempos throughout and gloomy melodies, while the closing track Advent of the Inescapable starts off with a foreboding guitar drone before moving into some of the most formidable heavy riffs across the full EP, with more esoteric melodies carving their way through the caustic riffs.

Aversio Humanitatis have pushed the sound of MGLA and Ascension to much greater things with a punishingly heavy, brilliantly composed and hauntingly esoteric take on melodic black metal. Not for the faint of heart.


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