Rendered Helpless – Entities of Transdimensional Emergence

New Zealand may not be the first nation you would think of when it comes to brutal slamming death metal, but this sophomore album from Rendered Helpless has it all. Unrelenting churning riffs, gruesomely low gutturals, groovy slams and bursts of technicality all with a great filthy atmosphere. It’s such a good album it’s hard to believe Rendered Helpless is a one piece, but Alex Paul has shown himself to be a talented musician within the scene.

The album name and cover may lead one to expect some rather over the top technical death metal, but Entities of Transdimensional Emergence is classic brutal death metal through and through. The intro track is rather forgettable, just a few spacey sci-fi sounds that could’ve been dispensed with, but that first  midpaced groovy riff moving from speaker to speaker on first track proper Envoking Eradication sets the scene well for the rest of the track while showing how well produced it is. Sick chuggy riffs get the head moving with their slow filthy sound, and the tempo and riff changes keep you guessing, while there’s a lot of slow parts which aren’t straight forward mosh-pit slams (though those are also present too), but well thought out,  building a great eerie atmosphere especially with the brilliant drum work, with its great rhythmic sense and clicky tone . The vocals are instantly striking as one of the best parts of Rendered Helpless’ music, the slow and low guttural vocal emanations are incredibly sick and match the music really well to give it all an incredibly filthy vibe (despite the actually rather polished production of the album)

The next track shows some of the variety on the album, Fall Before Me much more technical than the preceding one, the churning riffs mixed in with bursts of faster fretboard abuse along with speedier chuggier parts , and some of the slower most fearsome riffs on the album, repetitive pounding with a dank guitar sound and monstrous drawn out vocals. And just listen to that insane technical bass work throughout the track. It sounds like a well written song without the technicality not being too in your face and it’s a really well rounded track. Patriarchal Supremacy shows more variety with samples of maniacal laughing in the middle of the track around some slower doomy sections evocative of Disentomb’s slower moments before melodic chanted vocals that are unexpected to say the least but add another dimension to the album’s sound. Entities of Frenzied Masturbation is one of the most straight forward brutal death metal tracks on the album with the groovier riffs, and a healthy dose of slams, while closer I, The Ecclesiast closes with the longest track, four and a half minutes of relentless guitar brutality, the most headbangable slams across it’s length, a painfully slow and torturous mid section and an unexpected technical lead guitar solo.

Like a lot of albums in this style Entities of Transdimensional Emergence is a rather short album, but what Rendered Helpless packs into these twenty eight minutes is a varied and relentless barbaric example of brilliantly filthy brutal slamming death metal, the way it should be.


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