Swirls of Noise Radio #50 May 2017 Edition

A day late, but here is the May edition of SoN radio. Everything on this month’s edition comes from 2017, starting with the new song from Ex-The 3rd and the mortal singer Kari Rueslatten’s upcoming solo sixth solo album Silence is the Only Sound, while a lot of fun comes from the new albums of stoner metal force Elder, power metal from Dragonforce, and outright ridiculousness from Alestorm. Power Trip kick it up a notch with their brilliant modern take on old school thrash, while Nokturnal Mortum through to Solar Temple give different takes on black metal, Ungfell being particularly crazed. Murky death metal comes from Consummation through to Tomb Mold, before more fun with four new slam tracks from Exhume to Consume, Rendered Helpless, Dying Fetus and Party Cannon. And as always it’s not SoN radio without some ambient, so enjoy the new single from Aeronaut and Pt1 of Old Tower’s brilliant dungeon synth debut.

Kari Rueslatten – Chasing Rivers, from Silence is the Only Sound, upcoming 2017
Elder – The Falling Veil, from Reflections of a Floating World, 2017
Dragonforce – Ashes of the Dawn, from Reaching into Infinity, 2017
Alestorm – Fucked with an Anchor, from No Grave But the Sea, 2017
Power Trip – If Not Us Then Who? from Nightmare Logic, 2017
Nokturnal Mortum – Вовчі ягоди, from Істина, 2017
Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Skepsis pt 2, from Finisterre, upcoming 2017
Ungfell – Wechselbalg, from Tôtbringære, 2017
The Ruins of Beverast – Maere (On a Stillbirth’s Tomb), from Exuvia, 2017
Solar Temple – Rays of Brilliance, from Rays of Brilliance, 2017              

Consummation – The Weightless Grip of Fire, from Ritual Severance, 2017
Ascended Dead – Blood Thirst, from Abhorrent Manifestation, 2017
Tomb Mold – Bereavement of Flesh, from Primordial Malignity, 2017
Phrenelith – Defleshed in Ecstasy, from Desolate Endscape, 2017
Exhume to Consume – Violated After Death, from Let the Slaughter Begin, 2017
Rendered Helpless – Patriarchal Supremacy, from Entities of Transdimensional Emergence, 2017
Dying Fetus – Fixated on Devastation, from Wrong One to Fuck With, upcoming, 2017
Party Cannon – Soft, White, Gelatinous Body, from Perverse Party Platter, 2017
Aeronaut – Grossmunster, Single, 2017
Old Tower – The Rise of the Specter pt 2, from The Rise of the Specter, 2017


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