Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

Despite being one of the most hyped metal albums of the year so far, it wasn’t until they supported Napalm Death last week in London that I checked out Power Trip’s sophomore album Nightmare Logic. Listening to it before the show I was impressed, and their live intensity was immense too. Take Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All, double the intensity and throw some Slayer and crossover thrash into the mix, all updated to the 2010’s with  a modern production and you have the fearsome riff machine that is Nightmare Logic. 

The huge chainsaw buzz to the ominous lumbering opening riff of Soul Sacrifice starts proceedings alongside an eerie wah-driven solo showing what Power Trip are all about – classic thrash. Kicking it up to speed with a killer fast riff and pounding drums similar to Metallica’s first album (but with more sense of pacing than Lars ever had), but with a better more modern production to the guitars the album starts as it means to go on with an absolute riff fest. There are few moments on the album that you don’t want to headbang along to, whether the groove laden slower crossover riffs, Kill Em All-esque chugs or Bonded By Blood-esque bursts of speed, everything gets the blood pumping and the head moving. The fretboard abuse is kept to a minimum, the album isn’t loaded with solos but when they do kick off they’re at a blistering pace, hammering the fretboard with frenetic energy ala Reign in Blood. The vocals are vicious, a super aggressive high pitched raspy shout that’s still a hundred percent understandable, a hardcore and crossover influence coming through with as much as a razor sharp bite as the guitars.

With only one track Crucifixation over the five minute mark it’s all killer no filler, ripping, snarling, tearing and bulldozing through thirty two minutes of pure unadulterated thrash fun. It’s short, but that never stopped Reign in Blood being a classic right? On Nightmare Logic Power Trip don’t re-write the thrash metal rulebook, and barring the modern production this could have been released in 1985 – but I defy you to find a more fun and unrelentingly headbangable metal album from 2017.


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