Abduction – To Further Dreams of Failure

To Further Dreams of Failure is the debut full length album from British one man black metal project Abduction, with two more tracks added to the three present on last year’s demo. It’s a massive and varied sounding release, sounding far away from the lo-fi and simplistic approach the “one man black metal” term might bring to mind. Encapsulating everything that’s great about 21st century black metal it’s a release with some truly evil moments over it’s thirty minute length, and one of the best black metal releases of the year so far.

As mentioned To Further Dreams of Failure has a massive sound, with a clear but caustic production, meaty guitars and hammering drums. It takes from some of the best bands of modern black metal such as Dark Fortress and Antaeus but with a caustic production and excellent layering to the guitars Abduction have a sound that comes across as really original, as well as being varied across the album. After an eerie introduction to the first piece, the excellently titled Self Burial Ceremony really kicks off with furious tremolo guitars, battering blastbeats, cloudy bass completing the murky sound, the melodic sense to the well layered guitars echoing the occult sound of modern Behexen or Inqusition but with a more raw and bestial sound, meaty riffs coming through to give space to headbang. Miser Destructor at a little over three minutes long is the shortest track on the album by far, but still packs a massive punch with chunky riffs similar to that of Dark Fortress, but with a grinding production that reminds of Anaal Nathrakh’s first album at parts, especially in the tracks’s faster sections. The wailing tremolo guitars are layered well, the distorted screams loud in the mix and the blastbeats absolutely hammering in a track that absolutely destroys but still leaves room for melody. The title track changes it up once again with some slower drearier riffs and grim melodies, accentuated by great use of synths. It sounds a little similar to De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas with some chanting used during the track, and the eerie atmosphere prevalent throughout but once again it sounds original with the great guitar layering and pacing, moving into some faster riffs with inhuman screams at the four minute mark.

Usurper in the House of God is the longest track on the album at eight minutes long, and probably the best on the album with it’s grim atmosphere from the caustic production and long slow moving riffs that unravel gradually and malevolently like a coiled snake. There’s some brighter synths and rather beautiful guitar melodies in the middle of the track that are tremendously well executed as they’re over the top of some rather dissonant playing and hugely evil vocals. It’s a truly evil piece of black metal.

To Further Dreams of Failure as mentioned already takes everything that’s good about modern black metal, mixes it with their own unique and varied approach to the genre, with great pacing, layering, production and musicianship and should be on everyone’s year end lists when it comes to black metal. This style of occult and truly evil sounding black metal may be more prevalent on the continent but this is top tier stuff from Abduction right here.


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