Swirls of Noise Radio #49 – April 2017 Edition

Here’s April’s edition of SoN radio. Kicking off with two metal turned experimental rock groups Ulver and Anathema from their new albums, and followed by the avant-garde rock of Lethe. Ex-Stream of Passion’s Marcela Bovio is featured with a track from her new piano based album, with Abduction kicking it up a notch with their tremendous black metal. New tracks from death metal groups Basement Torture Killings, Impetuous Ritual and Suffocation are met with slam from Post Traumatic Slam Disorder and grindcore from Human Cull, Dragged into Sunlight’s nasty sludge finishing off the metal segment of this month’s radio. Pausal and agrammeofsoma slow it down with two gorgeous ambient tracks, before two great exhibitions of organ based drone music from Tasos Stamou and Ellen Arkbro. Russian throat-singing and traditional Buddhist music collective Phurpa close with a massively heavy piece from their new album out in May. Enjoy!

Ulver – Rolling Stone, from The Assassination of Julius Caesar, 2017
Anathema – Springfield,
from The Optimist, upcoming 2017
Lethe – Wind to Fire
, from The First Corpse on the Moon, 2017
Marcela Bovio – Pure Imagination, from Unprecedented – The Piano Sessions, 2017
Abduction – Usurper in the House of God, from To Further Dreams of Failure, 2017
Impetuous Ritual – Inordinate Disdain, from Blight upon Martyred Sentience, upcoming 2017
Post Traumatic Slam Disorder – Crumpled Creatchural Consumption, from A Tracheostomy due to Failed Orotracheal Intubation, 2017
Basement Torture Killings – Necrophiled and Cannibalised, from There’s Something About Beryl, 2017
Human Cull – Blood, from Revenant, upcoming 2017
Suffocation – Your Last Breaths, from …Of the Dark Light, upcoming 2017
Dragged into sunlightTo Heiron, from Hatred of Mankind, 2009
Pausal – Murmuration I, from Avifaunal, upcoming 2017
agrammeofsoma – Leaving Home
, from Diaspora, 2017
Tasos Stamou
 – Chord Organ Drone, from Koura, 2016
Ellen Arkbro – For Organ and Brass, from For Organ and Brass, 2017
Yüksel Güney Hanedan – Part 1 – A juvenile Departure, from The Voyage, 2017
Phurpa – Mu-Ye,
from Gyer Ro, 2017


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