Basement Torture Killings – There’s Something About Beryl

Three years on from their last album A Night of Brutal Torture, the London based death-grind snuff maniacs are back with their third full length There’s Something About Beryl, and first featuring singer Millie “Beryl” Crampton. A better production job and even sicker vocals over their chainsaw guitars and barbarous blastbeats make for their sickest exhibition of auditory filth to date.

BTK’s sound is based around classic deathgrind – razor sharp chainsaw guitars, d-beat blastbeats and vocals moving from hostile guttural growls to sharp shrieks with plenty of horror-samples as one might expect from their previous works. With the improved production over the previous album all the instruments are perfectly clear and combine for maximum brutality. Short and catchy grindcore riffs propel the songs along for the most part with a vicious guitar tone, but there’s hints of technicality to be found to some of the riffs in places, especially on The Story of T and Necrophiled and Cannibalised, smatterings of surgical skill  sewn in between the faster riffs, showing there’s a degree of art to their brute force brutality. There’s killer guitar solos across the album, carrying the energy from the short-sharp riffs to an awesome fever-pitch, melodic, fast and intense meshing with the speed of the drumming. The drums mostly stay within punky and rhythmic d-beat territory across the album, but in points, such as the start of The Butcher of Smithfield they explode into full on speed which is really effective when coupled with the fantastic snap and punch to their sound. Beryl sounds fantastic on vocals too, vomiting forth each word individually with an extremely vicious and hostile delivery, sounding frenzied and unhinged. There’s no filler to be found on the album either, at a length of only just over half an hour, each of the ten songs here delivers riff after riff and pure unadulterated brutality.

Overall There’s Something About Beryl is just pure old school death metal fun. Catchy and short headbangable riffs, d-beat blastbeats and barbaric vocals are all wrapped up in short but excellent songs, with a razor sharp production job making it perfect for any fans of classic school death-metal and grindcore. Let the murder spree commence!


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