Louise Lemón – Purge

Here’s an interesting EP from Swedish artist Louise Lemón. Describing her music as death-gospel, it consists of her soulful voice bluesy voice at the forefront against understated ethereal instrumentation. With an amazing voice and dark soundscapes, Purge makes for a great listen.

Lemón’s voice has the sort of bluesy rock quality you’d associate with the female-fronted doom metal scene of Jex Thoth, Windhand and Messa – a soft and lovely voice with a floaty ethereal quality when required and powerfully bluesy the rest of the time. With the piano and fuzzed out guitars starting the EP off on Appalacherna along with the reverb on her high pitched soulful vocals, as the tension builds through the track one expects it to build up to a huge metal riff, but the tension breaks and the synthesizer in the background carries on as piano, guitars and soft percussion help create a great dark atmosphere. It does this throughout the album, build up the tension and then release it without a climax, just letting her voice be at the forefront. It’s a really different sounding EP in this regard, sounding like some cross between drone and blues rock with a bit of gospel thrown in to the vocals, also seeping into the music a little on Only Meet at Night. Thirst threatens to burst into a psychedelic rock guitar-fest at any time in a more straight-forward blues-rock oriented track, but keeps it controlled and atmospheric, while the aforementioned Only Meet at Night has her singing soulfully and beautifully over jazzy piano and dark synthesizers in a calmer piece. It’s the closer Egyptian Darkness which is the highlight of the EP though, with it’s evocative instrumentation, the fuzzy wash of guitar, slow percussion and dramatic bass evoking a desert-rock vibe, while she sings softly in the verse before belting it out in the chorus, before piano comes in to really complete the brilliant soundscape that permeates the background throughout the track. The EP may be centred around her voice, but the understated instrumentation in the background throughout is equally good.

Overall it’s a really different and interesting release, combining a bluesy psychedelic rock sound with dark drone elements to create great soundscapes for her brilliant voice to shine against. Fans of Darkher, Blues Pills and Windhand alike should get a kick out of this.


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