David Fyans – Trübhand

Here’s another great album from Moving Furniture Records, Trübhand from David Fyans, released last month. It features two long form tracks of minimal ambient drone. One calmer with gorgeous textures moving glacially as they softly drone away into a blissful ether, the other a bleaker, more melancholic piece evoking the agitations of a restless mind.

The first piece is called (Left Hand), and of the two this is incredibly minimalist. Several synth tones softly lap over each other, a range of pitches weaving a blanket of sounds flowing calmly and softly like ripples on an almost motionless lake. These different textures seem to be looped with long frequencies, drawn out and glacially slow as they take a long time to reveal themselves as they lap gently in a calming and meditative twenty three minutes of ambient bliss. (RightHand) is much more bleak, with ominous bassy tones and colder glassy synths droning away while shifting and evolving slowly throughout the track – there’s also more going on as noisy electronics pierce through the cold now and then with a random improvisational tone that gives a looming eeriness.  It’s dark and while still quite minimal it’s much more restless, like that of a cluttered mind, the anxious and melancholic thoughts that plague the depressive insomniac in search of sleep.

Two contrasting pieces of minimalist ambient: one bright and bleak, the other dark and dismal. Might be too minimalist for some, but those who stick with it will reap the rewards.


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