Swirls of Noise Radio #47 February 2017

Here’s the February edition of Swirls of Noise Radio, as usual featuring the music I’ve been listening to the most the last month. Trees of Eternity open, a track from one of the best album’s I’ve heard in a long time, melancholic doom metal featuring vocals from Aleah Stanbridge who sadly passed away before the album could be released, it’s beautiful music. Habitants and Vetrar Draugurinn are two Dutch bands, the first a shoegaze/dreampop side project from The Gathering’s Hans and Rene Rutten, the latter the new project of ex-Stream of Passion guitarist Eric Hazebroek with Autumn vocalist Marjan Welman. Prog, heavy and thrash metal are represented respectively with new music from Pain of Salvation, Substratum and Havok. Death metal makes up a lot of the playlist, with slam coming from new albums by Analepsy and Acranius, more technical death from Immolation and Hour of Penance, while Vomit Coffin and Repugnant bring something of an old school sound, and The Third Eye Rapists through to Hic Iacet give all out brutality. Inferno and Au Champ Des Mortes play orthodox and atmospheric black metal respectively, before Bonobo through to Hildur Guðnadóttir give a wide range of ambient music. Enjoy!

Trees of Eternity – My Requiem, from Hour of the Nightingale, 2016
Habitants – Meraki
, from upcoming album, 2017
Vetrar Draugurinn – Mother of Northern Skies
, from I, 2017
Pain of Salvation – Angels of Broken Things
, from The Passing Light of Day, 2017
Substratum – Pain God
, from Substratum, 2017
Havok – Hang ’em High
, from Conformicide, upcoming 2017
Analepsy – Rifts to Abhorrence, from Atrocities from Beyond, 2017
Acranius – Warpath, from Reign of Terror, 2017
Hour of Penance – Iron Fist, from Cast the First Stone, 2017
Repugnant – Draped in Cerecloth, from Epitome of Darkness, 2006
Immolation – When the Jackals Come, from Atonement, 2017
Vomit Coffin – Bemourner
, 2015
The Third Eye Rapists – Void Penetration, from Hets Molt Allt, 2014
Chrworsch – Zergliederung des Gottesgeschlechts, from Ein Totenspruch zur viehischen Begattung, 2015
Jyotiṣavedāṅga – Black Brane Metaverse, from Cannibal Cornal Mass Ejections, 2016
Hic Iacet – Into the Bowels of the Absolute, from The Cosmic Trance into the Void, 2015
Inferno – Revelations Through the Void, from Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness, 2015
Au Champ Des Morts – Après le carnage, from La Dans Joie 2017
Bonobo – Second Sun, from Migration, 2017
Jumalhämärä – II, from Resitaali, 2013
Cetieu – A New Empire (extract)
, from A New Empire, 2017
Kammarheit – For The Innermost
, from Asleep and Well Hidden, 2003
Plaguewielder – Shadows of Mortality
, from World Funeral Requiem, 2012
Cities Last Broadcast – Cornerstone
, from The Cancelled Earth, 2009
Hildur Guðnadóttir – Heima
, from Saman, 2014


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