Cétieu – The New Empire

The new album The New Empire by Cétieu, released on new years day was a great find. One long track at fifty minutes long, Cétieu makes warm ambient drone music that’s completely relaxing and blissed out. Fuzzy distorted synth textures glide slowly over each other, droning away with a gorgeous sound as the distortion gives them a nice warm feeling rather than any degree of heaviness – the sound of white noise melded with a lovely tender synth ambience. There’s little shift in tonality over the album’s length, Cetieu just creates a lovely, relaxed wall of warm sound that creates a relaxed, blissful feeling for it’s fifty minute length. It might be a short review, but the music speaks for itself. If you want warm, fuzzy ambient you can’t do much better than this.

Stream and download as “name your price” at Bandcamp:


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