Swirls of Noise Radio #46 Netherlands Deathfest 2017 edition

Once again Netherlands Deathfest is putting on one of the best lineups of the year in Tilburg in just under two weeks time. The lineup poster speaks for itself with some legendary old school bands and some of the best underground cult bands in death metal, black metal and grindcore. As it’s such an exciting lineup I can’t wait to attend, here’s a special edition of Swirls of Noise Radio featuring a preview of the best acts you should be watching if you’re lucky enough to be attending:

Abbath – Winter Bane, from Abbath, 2017
Brodequin – Flow of Maggots, from Festival of Death, 2001
Cancer – Tasteless Incest, from Death Shall Rise, 1992
Corpsessed – Trepanation, from Abysmal Thresholds, 2014
Craft – Terror Propaganda, from Terror Propaganda, 2002
Dead Congregation – Voices, from Graves of the Archangels, 2008
Death Toll 80K – Commodities, from Harsh Realities, 2011
Defeated Sanity – Generosity of the Deceased, from Disposal of the Body/Dharmata, 2016
Demolition Hammer – Epidemic of Violence, from Epidemic of Violence, 1992
Embryonic Devourment – Reptiliphiliac, from Reptilian Agenda, 2014
God Macabre – In Grief, from The Winterlong, 1993
Gorgasm – Fucking the Viscera, from Bleeding Profusely, 2001
Gorgoroth – Bergtrollets Hevn, from Antichrist, 1996
Grave Miasma – Ascension Eye, from Odious Sepulcrocum, 2013
Horna – Muinaisten Alttarilta, from Sanojesi äärelle, 2009
Impaled – Mondo Medicale, from Death After Life, 2005
Impaled Nazarene – the horny and the horned, from Ugra Karma, 1993
Malignancy – Neglected Rejection, from Inhuman Grotesqueries, 2007
Martyrdöd – Harmagedon, from List, 2016
Myrkskog – Discipline Misanthropy, from Death Machine, 2000
Pseudogod – Malignant Spears, from Deathwomb Catachesis, 2012
Repulsion – Horrified, from Horrified, 1989
Shrine of Insanabilus – Acausal Paths, from Disciples of the Void, 2016
Svartidauði- Flesh Cathedral, from Flesh Cathedral, 2012
Terrorizer – Fear of Napalm, from World Downfall, 1989
Tsjuder – Kill For Satan, from Kill For Satan, 2000
Wormrot – Principles of Puppet Warfare, from Dirge, 2011

Netherlands Deathfest runs from 03-5 March 2017 at 013, Tilburg, Netherlands. 

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