Swirls of Noise Radio #45 January 2017

From this year Swirls of Noise Radio will be run with more regularity, sharing the best music I’ve been listening to that month – as always mostly new, with a few older uncovered gems. As I don’t have time to review as many releases as I would like to, this will help showcase more artists.

A massive opening to this edition comes from Slowdive’s first new track since 1995’s Pygmalion album. Having named Swirls of Noise after the way their music sounded it’s fantastic to have them back. The Gathering have released an album of unreleased material from the recordings of their last two albums with ex-singer Anneke Van Giersbergen, and Blister is a beautiful outtake from the Home sessions. Ambient and drone are represented throughout the next few tracks, AWVFTS, Claire M Singer and Shovels Beat the Sun having released some of the best albums of 2016 in this field, with 2017 starting on an equally strong front with new music from English, Basinski and Eno. Industrial comes from Scott Kelly of Neurosis’ side project Mirrors for Psychic Warfare.

Metal dominates the second half, with thrash, death, black and doom, with new tracks from teutonic legends Kreator, Lovecraftian Black metallers The Great Old Ones, and Italian doomsters Messa being particular highlights. Symphonic metal comes from Edenbridge’s upcoming ninth album, and progressive metal from Madder Mortem’s first album for seven years, while an extract from Todestoss’ bizarre electro-rock/black metal hybrid and upbeat folk metal from Heather Wasteland bring January’s radio to a close.

Slowdive – Star Roving, from upcoming as yet untitled album, 2017
The Gathering – Blister, from Blueprints, 2017
A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Galerie, from Iris, 2016
Claire M Singer – Eilean, from Solas, 2016
Shovels Beat the Sun – Everything is Not Alright, from Skywires, 2016
Lawrence English – Object of Projection, from Cruel Optimism, upcoming 2017
Brian Eno – Reflection (extract), from Reflection, 2017
William Basinski – A Shadow In Time, from A Shadow In Time, 2017
Foot of a Shallow Mountain – I Fell Into a Sea of Voices, from Pulse Worm, 2017
Mirrors for Psychic Warfare – CNN WTX, from Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, 2016
Kreator – Gods of Violence, from Gods of Violence, upcoming 2017
UlcerateYield to Nought, from Shrines of Paralysis, 2016
Miserist – Lung Rust from Miserist, 2017
Dawn of TyrantsBreeding Ruin , from Breeding Ruin, 2017
Axis of Despair – Enclave, from Mankind Crawls, 2016
Lorn – Sut-aq-Kol, from Arrayed Claws, 2017
Harrow – Song of the Seasons, from Fragments of a Fallen Star, 2013

The Great Old Ones – The Shadow Over Innsmouth, from EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy, 2017
Mizmor – The Serpent Eats Its Tail, from Yodh, 2016
Messa – Hour of the Wolf, from Belfry, 2016
Edenbridge – Shiantaru, from The Great Momentum, upcoming 2017
Madder Mortem – Fallow Season, from Red in Tooth and Claw, 2016
Todestoss – Ebne Graun (extract) from Ebne Graun, 2017
Heather WastelandTre Sverd, from Under the Red Wolfish Moon, 2017


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