Shovels Beat the Sun – Sky Wires

The collaboration between drone artists Aeronaut’s Steve Fors and The End of the World Championship’s Björn Granzow has been a long time coming, having been in the works since 2014 but we finally have the debut album Sky Wires from Shovels Beat the Sun. Both playing fantastic minimalist drone with their solo projects, the collaboration is one I’ve been looking forward to for the two years, and it doesn’t disappoint, it’s a bleak and powerful album.

The four long form pieces encompass just under fifty minutes, Iodine  opening with layers of synth tones and distortion droning away with a real bleakness, shifting in pitch and dynamics with all the electric atmosphere of a thunderstorm. Everything is Not Alright is a bleak title to say the least with music to suit. The harsh noisy distorted drones are scathing and huge, while the soft synthesizer tones over the back give create a warm spacey sound- the harsh and soft meld incredibly with a great atmosphere, both ebbing back and forth in pitch and dynamics in a hypnotising quarter of an hour of music. TWOTWC’s For Dear Life meets Aeronaut’sYour Space Transmissions Listening Kit and it sounds like a spaceship on an unstoppable collision course with a fucking black hole.

Title track Sky Wires is a more brooding affair, with soft ambient drones swirling around in a wistful melodious melancholy, an expertly textured cloud of gorgeous sounds colluding to create a thick blanket of droning bliss while 1987 closes the album with droning synth tones fading in and out surrounded by ambient swirls, distortion ramping up throughout in a hypnotic and meditative piece. All in all it’s a hauntingly bleak collaboration and one of my favourite ambient releases of the year. It’s limited to just a hundred CD copies, so pick one up ASAP!

Stream and purchase Sky Wires at bandcamp below:


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