Swirls of Noise radio #43

Here’s SoN radio #43. Lots of new music on this one, with new tracks from doomsters Subrosa and Forn, black metal from Mare Cognitum and Coldworld, with death metal from Repulsive, Blood Incantation and Defeated Sanity. For those who like their metal not quite as heavy, there’s new songs from prog wizard Devin Townsend, symphonic metal stalwarts Delain and blackgaze heroes Alcest, returning to a more metallic sound. As always there’s a smattering of older tracks – The Dark Prison Massacre being some of the tastiest slam you’ll ever hear, while Gorgasm are pure brutality and Dina of Draugurinn shows she can make haunting black metal in addition to her other proect’s amazing ambient music. Enjoy.

PS: apologies for the lack of the usual drone tracks this time around, normal service will be resumed soon!

Subrosa – Wound of the Warden, from For This We Fought the Battle of Ages, upcoming 2016
Devin Townsend – Failure, from Transcendence, upcoming 2016
Delain – The Glory and the Scum, from Moonbathers, upcoming 2016
Alcest – Oiseaux de proie, from Kodama, upcoming 2016
Mare Cognitum – Occultated Temporal Dimensions, from Luminiferous Aether, upcoming 2016
Coldworld – Nightfall, from Autumn, 2016
Turdus Merula – Ascensus, from Mentus Recipiere, 2011
Tomhet – Kockatris Varulv, from Purpureargotamiceps, 2007
Forn – Ambitions Towards Nothingness, 2016
Repulsive – Insidiously Embraced, 2016
Blood Incantation – Chaoplasm, from Starspawn, upcoming, 2016
Defeated Sanity – Suttee, from Disposal of the Dead/Dharmata, 2016
The Dark Prison Massacre – Sexual Slavery of Meat Master, from A Blood Clot Ejaculation, 2015
Gorgasm – Fucking the Viscera, from Bleeding Profusely, 2001
Looking for an Answer – Christianislam, from Eterno Treblinka, 2011


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