Forndom – Dauðra Dura

Coming from Sweden, at the start of the year Forndom released an absolute stunner of an album in Dauðra Dura. Atmospheric folk music that  borders on the ambient they take the traditional Norse ways and craft something meditative and wonderful. With the use of traditional instruments and soft chanted vocals they really invoke a hazy atmosphere of Nordic fjords, woods and mountains.

Forndom could be compared to the popular Warduna, the Norwegian band who’ve embraced the sound of the traditional Norse folk music and released two very good albums in their own right. However Forndom’s music is more minimalist, more transcendental and more hypnotic than their Scandinavian counterparts. They weave a lovely blanket of sound that takes you on a journey through Northern sagas and landscapes, one drenched in a mysterious and dark fog. The opening track Nio nätters led consists of a soft ambient drone, with chords played on traditional instruments. The vocals are brilliant, in a semi-chanting style with one quieter deep voice creating a bassy presence for the higher and much more expressive voice which is soft and warm, the last syllable of each line drawn out, accentuating the background drone of the music. At the end of the track they dispense with words, moving to slow and soft melodic vocalisations in a very evocative and beautiful piece. The second piece Den Grymma Hästen is darker and more ritualistic, with the earthy ambient tones and percussion having more of a focal point than the chanted vocals, though each working together for a hazy hypnotic sound.

Across the seven pieces on offer here they create an beautiful minimalist, transcendental folk album that needs to be fully appreciated with a good set of headphones and closed eyes. Clocking in at only thirty three minutes it leaves you wanting a lot more when it finishes. They’ve got an equally impressive EP Flykt released last year, but they’ve still barely released an hours worth of music, and I cannot wait to hear more from Forndom.

Find Forndom on facebook here. Stream and purchase the new album at bandcamp below. 


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