Swirls of Noise Radio #41

Here’s the latest SoN radio, and it’s a really great offering this time around. Opening this week is the new song from Stream of Passion vocalist Marcela Bovio’s upcoming solo album, followed by Ambeon, another progressive metal band from Stream of Passion founder Arjen Anthony Lucassen. Death metal comes from Drought, Cancerous Womb and Basement Torture Killings ahead of five tracks of beautiful atmsospheric black metal. Stoner rock comes from Brits Oak,noise-rock from Carnacci, and some dark ambient drone from Deathstench collaborating with Phurpa. Lovely Nordic dark ambient takes over the next few tracks, of which Dragurinn and Forndom are beautiful highlights, before old school takes over with dreampop from Cranes and Miranda Sex Garden, and The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud provides a perfect ambient closer.

Marcela Bovio – Saboteurs, from as yet untitled album, 2016
Ambeon – Cold Metal, from Fate of a Dreamer, 2001
Drought – Fire Breathing (Urdva Kundali Arise), from Rudra Bhakti, 2016
Cancerous Womb – Austrian Basement, from Born of a Cancerous Womb, 2014
Basement Torture Killings – Basement Bitch, from A Night of Brutal Torture, 2014
Grift – Aftonlandet, from Syner, 2015
Ahamkara – To Invoke the Stars Themselves, from The Embers of the Satars, 2014
Nechochwen – Traversing the Shades of Death, from Heart of Akamon, 2015
Obsequiae – Until All Ages Fall, from Aria of Vernal Tombs, 2015
Walknut – Skinfaxi, from Graveforests and their Shadows, 2007
Oak – Smoke, from Oak II, 2016
Carnacci – SSBBW, 2016
Deathstench & Phurpa – Untitled, from Evoking Shadows of Death, 2016
Forndom – När gudarna kalla, from Dauðra Dura, 2016
Draugurinn – Isavetur IIIII, from Isavetur, 2015
Wardruna – Sowelu, from Runaljod – Yggdrasil, 2013
Skuggsjá – Skuggsjá, from Skuggsjá: A Piece for Mind & Mirror, 2016
Lustre – Part 2, from Blossom, 2015
Cranes – Feathers, from Cranes, 2008
Miranda Sex Garden – Sunshine, from Suspiria, 1993
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud – Untitled, from The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud, 1993



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