Swirls of Noise radio #40

I’ve been less active on here lately due to festival season, so here’s a new instalment of SoN radio to tide you over until more reviews and interviews are forthcoming. Four different takes on black metal come from Masters Hammer, Kawir, Alignak and Behexen, while tech-death from Cryptic shift proceeds some old school death metal from Undead Prophecies. Lycus and Funeral Moth both contribute funeral doom, while there’s a new ambient track from the brilliant Aeronaut, with Endless Melancholy and Map of Wounds also contributing ambient. And some prog weirdness from Magma on the back of their triumphant performance at this year’s Hellfest, enjoy!

Masters Hammer – Černá svatozář, from Ritual, 1991
Kawir – Daemon – from Ισόθεος, 2012
Alignak – Coils of Shadows, from Triptych Visions I, 2016
Behexen – A Sword of Protean Fire, from The Poisonous Path, 2016
Cryptic Shift – Deathcrusher, from Beyond the Celestial Realms, 2016
Undead Prophecies – Voices Within, 2015
Rust – Disrobe the Throne, from Raw Shredding Death, 2016
Lycus – Solar Chamber, from Chasms, 2016
Funeral Moth – Lost, from Transience, 2016
Aeronaut – Most People have Trouble with Levitation, 2016
Endless Melancholy – A Giant Wave, from Deep as the Dark Blue Sea (split with Desolate Horizons), 2016
Map of Wounds- Train V, from Scars, 2016
Magma – Hortz Fur Dëhn Stekëhn West, from Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh, 1973


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