Wormed – Krighsu

Krighsu is the 3rd full length from Spanish sci-fi nutters Wormed. They’ve been blazing a trail for insanely technical brutal slamming death metal for years and have released another album that’s completely out of this world.

Wormed’s music has always been brutal death metal/slam at it’s most technical and Krighsu carries on in much the same way, even if the production has really been polished up since the release of the muddy Planisphærium, almost crystalline now compared to the rawness of the debut. Moving between riffs of lightning fast fretboard wizardry over brash blastbeats of equal velocity and huge rhythmic slamming riffs, first track Pseudo-Horizon is suitably brutal, setting the scene for the whole album to come. Vocals are typical of the style – scathing squeals and gutturals over the top of a brutal assault. But Wormed are anything other than formulaic, they manage to write an album of varied songs displaying their virtuosity – without becoming a display of mindless wankery like Brain Drill. Though there’s the rhythmic slams consisting of headbangable chugs and technical hundred notes a second riffs, they still keep a coherent melody running throughout Neomorph Mankind, and some of the higher pitched dissonant riffing gives the truly alien feel to the music that the artwork and lyrics portray. And while the sci-fi spacey themes of the album are constant throughout the release it never feels like an over-arching gimmick and they write the music with it woven in well, rather than as an afterthought.

On Agliptian Codex Cyborgization the vocals are more of a guttural traditional death metal style for the most part, and there’s less freneticism to the guitar playing in a darker slam oriented track, while Eukaryotic Hex Swarm even has an epic vibe to it with the high pitched eerie intro much like the score to a sci-fi film, before the track fades out into the sounds of industrial noise like the sound of the machinery gone wrong. A-Life Omega Point even has a rather pleasant melody that would stick out like a sore thumb against the brutality if it wasn’t woven in so well. Perhaps the only thing that slightly lets it down is that though they’re prevalent, it does feel like there just aren’t quite enough slow slam parts amongst the frenetic speed on some of the latter songs, and a lot of them don’t go on for long enough to really get the head banging, or just a little respite from the brutality – and they’re almost absent entirely from Zeroth-Energy Graviton. It’s not a huge problem as all the faster parts are incredibly well written, varied and interesting, but a bit more would’ve really made it. The bass is also pretty much completely non existent for a lot of the album, and while it’s rarely missed it would’ve given an extra depth to the album in places – especially considering how great it’s dirty muddy tone was on the debut release.

Each track has it’s own flavour, and it’s just a crazed tech-death album and throughout the virtuosity and incredibly tight musicianship Wormed never fail to add a sense of slamming guttural fun. It’s a departure from their previous albums but the improved production, crystalline rather than muddy does bring out the best in the more technical parts and while one wouldn’t go as far as to see it’s better than their other releases its different enough and great enough to be essential. Any fans of the brutal slamming side of death metal need to hear Krighsu and go on a journey to space with Wormed!

Find Wormed on facebook here. Stream and purchase Krighsu below:


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