Swirls of Noise radio #38

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so here’s a mix of things I’ve been listening to lately. Classic heavy metal from returning heavyweights Diamond Head, with stoner doom, thrash and melodic death metal from Elder, Nervosa and Amon Amarth. Blackened death madness comes from Xothist, Qruxkuor, Altarage, Death Fortress and Archgoat, before the slam trio of Devourment, Wormed and Disentomb. Iceland’s black metal scene is flourishing in recent years, with several bands represented, before some classic death-doom from Disembowelment and Wormphlegm. And it’s not Swirls of Noise without some ambient or drone, with NYIÞ and ZÖN giving vastly different soundscapes.

Diamond Head – Bones, from Diamond Head, 2016
Elder – Lore, from Lore, 2015
Nervosa – Intolerance Means War, from Agony, upcoming 2016
Amon Amarth – The Way of Vikings, from Jomsviking, 2016
Rhenium – Once Again, from Rise Above the Sea, 2016
Xothist – Side A, from Xothist, 2011
Qrixkuor – Serpent’s Mirror, from Three Devils Dance, 2016
Altarage – Womborous, from Nihil, 2016
Death Fortress – Merciless Deluge, from Deathmarch of the Undying, 2016
Archgoat – Death and Necromancy, from Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration), 1993
Devourment – Molesting the Decapitated, from Molesting the Decapitated, 1999
Wormed – Neomorph Mindkind, from Krighsu, 2016
Disentomb – Megaliths of Despair, from Misery, 2016
Auðn – Sífreri, from Auðn, 2014
Zhrine – The Syringe Dance, from Unortheta, 2013
Wormlust – Sex Augu, Tolf Stjornur, from The Feral Wisdom, 2013
Svartidauði – The Perpetual Nothing, from Flesh Cathedral, 2012
Sinmara – Shattered Pillars, from Aphotic Womb, 2014
NYIÞ – Decompose, from Til eru hræ sem hafa aldrei verið menn og munu aldrei verða þó þau lifi enn, 2011
Disembowelment – Excoriate, from Transcendence into the Peripheral, 1993
Wormphlegm – Return Of The Ice Age And Tortyrant, from Tomb of the Ancient King, 2006
ZÖN – Swear the Spirit By Laying His Hand on the Sword, from Altar of ZÖN, 2016


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