Suspiral -Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence

Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence is the début album from Spanish extreme metal group Suspiral. Released on the fantastic I, Voidhanger records, they play a chaotic brand of blackened death metal that fits neatly into the currently popular “caverncore” sound, but with enough of their own  flourishes to make Suspiral a great addition to the scene.

Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence is quite a short album, with three tracks all around the ten minute mark, so they waste no time kicking off with a fast barrelling riff, complemented with snappy punchy drums and a caustic production, setting the scene for the rest of the album. Suspiral constantly shift tempo, the production loosening up with slower doomier riffs adding a degree of melody, complimented with high pitched lead guitar lending a slight dissonance which works with a quiet but effective layer of synth to create an occult, mystical sound – before they move forward with mid-paced chugging riffs with a meaty tone to headbang along to. In short, you’re not really sure where they’re going next and over this well crafted assault, the chaos is enhanced by the lead guitar entering abruptly throughout the album with little warning, whammy-bar driven solos; some slow and eerie, others fast and frenetic with reckless abandon and they really complete the mood of the album, Suspiral giving their own flavour to this caverncore sound.

Bass is scarcely heard throughout the release as the guitars are always dominant in the mix, occasionally coming in a a low groan under some of the slower sections, but then drowning again once they ramp it back up. The vocals are completely typical of the scene, reverb laced howls and barks that do the job of adding another layer to the atmosphere of the album, but are mostly too low in the mix to really add any extra aggression or stand out. A lot of Malthusian can be heard in the band’s sound at points, especially that slow guitar arpeggio played over a great sheen of synth after the short industrial interlude near the end of Poisonious Essence which reminds of  Forms Become Vapour, and the more caustic sections bear some similarity to Malthusian’s abyssal indulgences, but they still have their own sound. The three tracks on the album are all rather similar, but Hiereía Deúro highlight’s the faster and more aggressive elements of Suspiral’s sounds and The Art of Death indulging a little more in the doomy and occult.

It’s a well crafted album that covers a lot of moods from fast and aggressive to mystical and eerie, and all out chaotic. Each track may not stand out too much from each other, and there aren’t many sections that lodge themselves in your brain before a good number of listens but it’s still well written and just different enough from what the rest are doing to make them stand out. And  one must award points for that excellent cover.

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