Morte – Lento Descenso a la Putrefacción

Hailing from Argentina, Morte are a brilliant doom-death metal band group who recently released their début EP Lento Descenso a la Putrefacción back in January. It’s only 24 minutes in length, but with seven tracks and a killer, heavy atmosphere the EP is highly recommended for fans of the slower end of the death metal spectrum.

Once the spoke word sample gives way to the first riff of Reliquia de huesos you can straight away hear the influence of Dutch death metallers Asphyx with that huge meaty guitar tone and the slow doomy riffs, but they’ve got a filthy sound that’s their own. The reverb drenched howls and barks along with the pounding drums, all underlaid with a  hollow  low bass sound help give a caustic, dirty feel to the proceedings that’s drenched with the smell of the “Putrefacción” referenced in the EP’s title. There’s a staggering array of great riffs throughout it’s length; the trebly crunch to the guitars makes for headbangable fast riffs, but it’s in the slower ones they really shine, the raw, dirty sound of the production really bringing out the best in their riff-tastic release. The title track  is the best on the EP, the main riff bludgeons along at pace while the drums hammer away unrelentingly in absolute neckbreaker. Eterna nada’s slow brooding main riff is brilliantly underwritten by a fantastic bass sound, while the vocals are at their filthiest on the album; and it starts as a slow, eerie plodder that picks up speed as it goes along in a well crafted piece of death metal. Each song on the EP however possesses so many inventive riffs and so much great energy that Lento Descenso a la Putrefacción keeps you headbanging from beginning to end.

It’s a great release that is highly recommended for death-doom fans, combining the very best parts of Autopsy and Asphyx, all played through Morte’s own filthy filter.  If you like your riffs slow and huge then this is for you.

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