Swirls of Noise radio #36

It’s been a while, but here’s a new instalment of SoN radio. A bit of a mix this week, with the return of gothic/doom metal group Draconian and their first song with new singer Heike Langhans, and some extreme black/death metal from Dalkhu and Corpessed’s début albums respectively. Beautiful post-metal comes from Grimoire, and indie darlings Deafheaven, and as ever there’s ambient and drone, this time from the upcoming releases from both Christina Vantzou and Aires. And if noise is more your thing then make sure to check out Geography of Hell and Megaptera.

Draconian – Stellar Tombs, from Sovran, upcoming 2015
Dalkhu – Accepting the Buried Signs, from Descend…into Nothingness, 2015
Corpsessed – Ravening Tides, from Abysmal Thresholds, 2014
Multinational Corporations – Jihad, from Split w/ Matka Teresa, upcoming 2015
Grimoire – Cachot de cristal, from L’aorasie des spectres rêveurs, 2015
Deafheaven – Come Back, from New Bermuda, 2015
Christina Vantzou – Shadow Sun, from No.3, upcoming 2015
Geography of Hell – Untitled, from Sarajevo 1992, 2011
Megaptera – Human Sacrifice, from Beyond the Shadow, 1994
Aires – Fantasma I, from Fantasma, upcoming 2015


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