Corpsessed – Abysmal Thresholds

2014’s Abysmal Threshold was the début album from Finnish death metal group Corpsessed. With ex-Wormphlegm and Tyranny members among their ranks, they’ve  got obvious funeral doom pedigree, however Corpsessed instead play caustic death metal worshipping at the altar of Incantation, but with such great execution it’s a good album in it’s own right, even if some little niggles keep it from being as good as it perhaps could have been.

Corpsessed’s death metal approach is very dense. Guitars tuned down to murky depths, bass a barely audible rumble, and the vocals a low pitched roar, all with a closed in suffocating production. It’s a hard hitting and unrelenting listen throughout, and they clearly know how to create a filthy atmosphere. While their faster barrelling assaults with blastbeats and razor riffs are crushing, where they really excel is in their slower death-doom moments, using their past experience to create slow, filthy riffs dripping with a dirty atmosphere, the plodding drums and cymbal crashes feeling more fresh and inventive than the blasting. This is best shown on Trepanation, and on Ravening Tides, the album’s best track, making the best of both and feeling the most well rounded.

But while there are a lot of good riffs, there are also some across the album which rely on the distortion to carry them through and aren’t all that interesting. This can be the case with some of the barrelling chugging on Necrosophic Channeling. While one can’t deny how heavy their sound is, some of them are not at all memorable after the album reaches its end. The same can be said of the vocals, there’s little change to the deep guttural roars, so after a while they can lose their effect. These are of course minor points. The guitar tone and the roars do sound great, but sometimes the content is a little lacking. While I enjoy the fuck out of the death metal filth on offer across the album, it’s just lacking that spark that keeps it from being in the same league as Mortal Throne of Nazarene and Towards the Megalith. Don’t let that put you off listening though, it’s still a brutally devastating listen and will certainly whet your appetite for caustic death metal.

They’re supporting Cruciamentum, who’ve just released their debut album Charnel Passages at The Garage in London on 23/11/2015, a tasty lineup which promises to be one of the end of 2015’s most brutal shows. Tickets available here.


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