Swirls of Noise radio#35

Here’s the first SoN radio for a long while. This one’s features lost’s of brilliant death metal, especially from Brit’s Cruciamentum’s debut album, and Egyptian’s Scarab’s new effort. Anneke Van Giersbergen guest’s on Amadeus Awad’s new prog album, while Norwegians’ Leaves’ Eyes and Kari Rueslatten are back with new tracks. Atmospheric synth laden black metal comes from Mesarthim, while it’s all rounded off with some sludgy doom from Rorcal. Enjoy!

Cruciamentum – Rites to the Abduction of Essence, from Charnel Passages, 2015
Amadeus Awad – Lonesome Clown, from Death is Just a Feeling, 2015
Kari Rueslatten – Battle Forevermore, from To the North, upcoming 2015
Leaves Eyes – Halvdan the Black, from King of Kings, upcoming 2015
Scarab – Pyramid of Illusions, from Serpents of the Nile, 2015
Nile – Evil to Cast out Evil, from What Should not be Unearthed, 2015
Neaera – Spearheading the Spawn, from Armamentarium, 2007
Mesarthim – Interstellar, from Interstellar, 2015
Rorcal – Part 2, from La Femme sans Tête, 2015


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