Weregoat – Slave Bitch of the Black Ram Master

Even if you’re unfamiliar with Weregoat, from the outrageous name and cover art of 2013 EP Slave Bitch of the Black Ram Master, you probably already have some idea of what you’re going to get here – raw and bestial black metal filth. But with such cartoonish imagery, one might be forgiven for having reservations about the quality of the music presented within – one can leave these reservations at the door though, this is bestial war metal at it’s bludgeoning best.

The vocals come as a bestial incomprehensible howl, loud in the mix and driving forward with inhuman sound against the dirty distortion of the bass riffs. Guitars hammer away with fast crunchy riffs and wah-wah leads, all with a raw caustic production – all the instruments are close together in the mix. It’s raw and sloppy but fast and heavy hitting. The best track is Bestial Malevolence with that main riff echoing a more chaotic Deathcrush, drums pounding away against simple thrashy riffage, with a thunderingly low twangy bass sound rounded off by that dense production. The distortion on the vocals makes them nigh incomprehensible and inhuman, except in the chorus when the music stops for the yell of “Bestial Malevolence”. It’s simple and sloppy, but in your face and with riffs that stick for weeks. The hilarious sample at the start of the title track leads to another caustic wall of blackened insanity while their choking production and thrash influences make their cover of Bathory’s Necromansy a nigh on perfect interpretation.

Barbaric, chaotic, caustic and so much fun, Slave Bitch of the Black Ram Master leaves you feeling viciously mauled by a primal beast but at only sixteen minutes leaves you wanting more. It’s their best release to date, and I can’t wait for a full length effort.

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