Zeit – Trümmer

Zeit are a German black metal band who’ve recently put out their third release Trümmer. While their sound is firmly rooted in mid paced riff-heavy black metal, there’s elements of stoner doom in their music which makes the EP an interesting prospect. Indeed, the first track begins with a power chord driven riff with a dense tone, clanging bass and slow drums, and while it has the trebly hallmarks of black metal, with a crunchier bassier sound this could be stoner doom. The vocals come in as high pitched shrieks, cutting through the mid paced riffs with a cold, steely sharpness. The sound is trebly and cold like most black metal, but the production has a lot of space more akin to stoner doom, leaving the music sounding like a bizarre mix of an icy frozen landscape and a sun baked desert – somewhat different but intriguing.

While the sound of the EP is interesting, the music is mixed. The riffs are mostly mid paced, and not very memorable, plodding along for the most part, much like the drums which spend a lot of the time following the guitars. The exception being on second track Splitter, which is much better than the rest of the release. A chunky icy main riff backed up with vicious screams and fast twangy bass gives way to a fun thrashy breakout with some slow doomy tempo shifts. Some of the faster riffs sound a bit sloppy, but it’s fun enough to be forgivable. Unfortunately Standstill brings the album to one with the mid paced, unmemorable riffs grating by the end, while the final two faster tracks go by without the tremolo picked riffs doing much of interest before ending abruptly.

With hints of stoner doom mixed with the cold harshness of black metal, Zeit’s sound is an interesting one, but the actual execution leaves a lot to be desired – the final three tracks are dull, while the only one that really stands out has a somewhat sloppy execution. A mediocre effort made more frustrating by the interesting sound.

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