Oblivionized – Life is a Struggle, Give Up

Oblivionized have always been a band I enjoyed live more than their studio efforts.They put on a killer show every time, but their demo and split releases have never grabbed me enough to go back to very often. Their long overdue début full length effort though is a different beast, grabbing you by the throat and beating you into submission with frenzied grindcore fury, throwing you to the ground once the 28 minutes is up, and leaving you crawling back for more.

Oblivionized play their own brand of frenetic math-grind, Sammy Urwin’s lightning fast technical riffs creating a confusing dissonance with drummer Will pounding away on top of it all on opener Lower Your Expectations, with vocalist Zac shrieking and barking with pained fervour, shredding your ear drums away with his high pitched throat ripping screams. Though the technical fretboard wizardry on offer through most of the album is insane enough to leave your brains seeping out from your ears, it’s just one facet of Sammy’s talent. The breakdowns on Cry Yourself to Ash are puke inducingly slow and filthy, especially with Zac spewing vitriol over the top, while I Pity You is one of the best tracks here, slow sludgy riffs met with mid paced pounding drums, oppressive tremolo picked lead guitar and rancid bellows make for a dense poisonous atmosphere in the album’s longest piece. There’s a lot of variety on the album, sounding nothing like your typical grind release, and with Sammy’s immense talent and the harshest of vocals from Zac, Oblivionized have put out a devastating album that’s easily 2015’s best grind to date. Fucking mental.


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