Vapour Night – The Dirt Sea

I can’t praise this release from Vapour Night highly enough. A whirling tapestry of droning textures, sheets of turbulent noise combining into a dark absorbing listen. The droning synths sing their wailing song, layered against each other with bassy groans and softer sighs, a dense sound with ghosts of melody – dark without being oppressive, a more brooding and introspective atmosphere. Crackles of noisy distortion hiss their way through the piece, giving life and urgency to the foggy mist, combining with the synths to bring visions of a clouded, troubled and overactive mind. It’s A stunningly well layered release which reveals more of it’s secrets with each listen, a rich tapestry of dark textures that high end headphones are made for. It’s dark and haunting, yet strangely cathartic and uplifting, the soundtrack for lying awake at night in the mix of an existential crisis; simultaneously bringing comfort and condemnation.


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