Swirls of Noise radio #32

Here’s the first new SoN radio in a while. New drone comes from Vapour Night and a new track from Most Holy Death’s recent split with Wholly Death, while killer stoner doom from Acid King fits right alongside the chaotic death metal from Malthusian’s new EP. Grindcore comes from two fantastic progressive bands in Cloud Rat and Oblivionized, with dramatic black metal from Awe, and strange yet intoxicating darkwave from Heiros Deimos. And as always a couple of great older tracks to round it off.

Vapour Night – The Dirt Sea, from The Dirt Sea, 2014
Acid King – Red River, from Middle of Nowhere, Centre of Everything, 2015
Malthusian – Slouching Equinox, from Forms Become Vapour, 2015
Cloud Rat – Bloated Goat, from Qliphoth, 2015
Cloud Rat – Thin Vein, from Qliphoth, 2015
Oblivionized – I Pity You, from Life is a Struggle, Give Up, 2015
Awe – Clotho, from Morae, 2015
Spearhead – Road to Austerlitz, from Decrowning the Irenarch, 2007
Black Witchery – Heretic Death Call, from Upheaval of Satanic Might, 2005
Most Holy Death – Healer of the Sick, from split with Wholly Failure, 2015
Hieros Deimos – Gorgoneion, from PD​-​140 Petres, 2015
Klaus Schulze and Lisa Gerrard – Liquid Coincidence 3, from Farscape, 2008



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