Tome of the Unreplenished – Innerstanding

Tomb of the Unreplenished is a new one man atmospheric black metal project from Cyprus out on the usually reliable label I, Voidhanger, and Innerstanding is the debut full length release. Despite the celestial themes, the album treads ground that’s already been walked before and doesn’t really offer anything new or exciting.

The short opener is comprised of minimalist ambient synths, a rather dull few minutes, the track doesn’t go anywhere. From Take me to the Stars, the first track proper, we’re met with fairly standard 2010’s atmospheric black metal, not particularly heavy, and with a shimmering high pitched guitar tone with tremolo picked melodies. Unfortunately said melodies aren’t memorable enough to stick in the mind, and the lush guitar sound goes to waste. The rest of the package isn’t much special either. The drum sound is weak and tinny; the mid paced rhythms aren’t very interesting, while the bass tone is warm and subtle but there isn’t enough prevalence to add a lot to the sound, it’s very buried. The vocals are downright awful, cheesy chants and whispers that just irritate.

The songs themselves are quiet dull, especially third track Emanation of the Purest Essence, with its bland repetitive melody which goes on for too long, and closer The Procession, the military drum beat not fitting well with the bright guitar sound.  Really all the album has going for it is the great guitar tone, but even this isn’t used well enough, only scattered melodies are really all that great, such as towards the end of Take Me to the Stars. If you’re looking for some fantastic atmospheric black metal check out Mare Cognitum’s Phobos Monolith on the same label, but you can probably give this one a miss.


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