Interview with Edenbridge’s Lanvall

Symphonic metal group Edenbridge are celebrating their fifteenth anniversary this year. To mark the occasion they’re releasing, a huge six disc DVD boxset covering their career to date and guitarist Lanvall took the time to answer some questions for Swirls of Noise

Hi, and thanks for talking to Swirls of Noise. For those who are less familiar with how would you describe your music?

I would still call it Symphonic Metal.

It’s been fifteen years since the debut album Sunrise in Eden was released now, how does it feel to reach a landmark like this?

Yeah, it´s been a long time and road and i´m proud of what we reached. Therefore it was time to clean out the archives and finally do a history DVD.

You’re certainly celebrating in style releasing a SIX DVD boxset to celebrate, what inspired you to put such a huge set out?


The upcoming DVD boxset

The idea came out of the blue. I was starting to edit those little episodes for VOICIANO, where Sabine and I were presenting the project and our guests. One day in April 2014 I was walking in nature and there the idea came to do a history DVD. On the same day I started to digitalize our old video tapes. Then it was time to look over all the material and evaluate what could be used which was the hardest part. Finally it was one year of hard work to bring the 6DVD set to life. All in all it was more than 9 hours of playing time.

You’ve released eight studio albums in the fifteen years you’ve been together, what drives you to keep working this hard?

It´s the music itself. As a musician there is nothing better to be creative. Of course this can also tire out to a certain point where you need to relax and gain back new energy. As our last album “The Bonding” is already 2 years old, I will soon be on the point to get back to write a new album.

Despite all this hard work, and excellent music, you’ve not become as popular or as well known as other bands in the same scene such as Nightwish, is this frustrating at all?

Well, this is how life goes. To be successful as Nightwish and some other bands, not only the music is what matters. Many little pieces have to fit to the puzzle to get to that point. But at the end of the day we can say, we were always true to ourselves and to our fans and always did the music that straight came out of our hearts, which is also a point to be able to survive on the long run.


Latest album The Bonding

You fuse a lot of eastern sounding melodies into your sound, even since the beginning of the band, and it really makes you stand out from the crowd, do you listen to a lot of eastern music that inspired this?

I do own a lot of foreign string instruments and when I start playing on them, many of those melodies come out, as the sound automatically inspire you to those foreign  tunes. This is surely one of the points that always set us apart from other bands in our style. And if you travel a lot and get in touch with those cultures, it is clear to get influenced.

Your sound has grown a lot since you started using an orchestra for your albums, was this something you envisaged using in your music when you started or was it more of a natural evolution?


Classical music was always a big part in my life, so this led to a natural development in our sound. Using a real orchestra is not comparable to anything else. Thankfully we had the opportunity to do that twice and hopefully will be able to do it in the future. Edenbridge was very symphonic and orchestral from the beginning on, but on a certain point we had to incorporate a real orchestra to bring our sound to the point where we wanted to have it.

Your album art is always so bright and beautiful, and really goes well with your power metal sound, what can you tell us about the artists you’ve worked with for these?

We´ve been working with Anthony Clarkson for 3 albums now and he is definitely understanding where we wanted to go. Most of the typical metal artworks are boring to death and just horrible clichee without expression, so this is a point where we also wanted to go our way.

It’s been two years since The Bonding was released , when can we expect a follow up?

I just finished the huge DVD production and you must not forget that we also did the VOICIANO project last year, so I was not hanging on the couch 🙂 There are a couple of ideas I have for the next album, but first it will be to collect ideas to see where the journey goes. I don´t wanna do an album just for the sake of itself, it has to say something of course. As I am also involved in writing music for a big TV project I´m really busy at the moment.

And is the Voiciano side project going to be an ongoing one?


Acoustic album with singer Sabine and guitarist Lanvall

For sure, but there is no plan for a second album at the moment, maybe after the next Edenbridge album. Voiciano was extremely necessary for me after the the last huge Edenbridge production. To write something that is reduced but still rich in textures, to do a lot differently in production, recording so many things live and without click tracks was really wonderful.

Will you be playing any shows this year to celebrate the fifteen year anniversary?

I hope we will, but there won´t be any tour from the momentary point, just festivals.

And finally, it might be a hard question but do you have any favourite songs you’ve released so far in your career?

🙂 I guess too many too mention, as they are all like children to me in some way. But  “The Bonding”, “The Grand Design”, “And the road goes on” and “MyEarthDream” are surely one of my highlights together with the hits “Higher”, “Alight a new tomorrow” and “Shine”.

Thanks for talking to SoN do you have anything you’d like to add?

Thanks to our fans and don´t forget to catch our new DVD set ready to be ordered at

Thanks a lot for the interview, Lanvall


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