Infernal Execrator – Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent

Singapore’s Infernal Execrator are a pretty crazy bunch. Their blackened death metal is an abrasive listen, while the song titles are over the top to the point of indiscernability. It seems they’ve been playing their black metal for a decade now, but Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent is their début full length release, and for those who like no holds barred full on black/death intensity you can’t go wrong.

There’s a short church organ intro to Baphometerror Invocation but with just a twenty five minute album length, Infernal Execrator waste no time in diving straight into their extreme metal assault. Impaled Nazarene spring to mind straight away with the all out speed, especially in the lightning fasr blast beats and the sharp trebly guitar sound. The riffs are great here, from speedy bursts of tremolo picking to thrashy chugging; they’re really melodic yet fast as fuck, – it’s clear that Infernal Execrator have some serious talent and aren’t just all out speed. The guitar solos throughout are thrashy and fast, and present on pretty much each track. The vocals are fast high pitched screams delivered at a great pace, and are just as abrasive as the music, while the gnarly bass tone rounds off this insane package.  While the music is as blistering as some of the war-metal greats, Infernal Execrator don’t have a terrible old school production, it’s pretty crystal clear with each instrument well balanced, the ear-shredding vocals high in the mix and really brings the insanity with every instrument and element over the top and turned up to 11.

The best songs are Singatheos Regimentum Mastema and Iblisupremacy Divine Desimare, with the former’s abrasive screams and slower riffs, and the latter’s main tremolo riff being one of the album’s best, nestled in amongst the ugly barbaric riffs and pounding blasts. In truth though it’s all so speedy that there’s not a lot to distinguish between each track – perhaps just as well because those song titles are a mouthful. Overall it’s an insane album and one that’s bound to please anyone who wants a straight forward twenty five minutes of barbaric blackened bludgeoning.


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