Tegh & Kamyar Tavakoli – Through The Winter Woods

Through the Winter Woods is a new collaborative release from two Iranian ambient composers Tegh and Kaymar Tavakoli. It’s a short release, with three pieces of music of seven minutes each. But quality is better than quantity, and the music here is lovely. A softly swirling soundscape of field recordings, synths and processed guitar on the first track Hollow is punctuated by slow bursts of guitar, sounding akin to an echoing trumpet cry, creating tension against the soft background. It gets noisier as the track goes on, with distortion rising up and enveloping the sound in a fuzzy cathartic gauze of sound, with the melody just about pushing it’s way out from under. Fractal has a mesmerizing layer of synth, surrounded by soft field recordings, with rumbles of strange processed guitar giving a rhythmic quality to the otherwise droning ambience. The track builds up towards the end with blissful glacial textures layered over each other in a lovely sound, though there’s again some distortion at points which evens it out. Closer Disappeared Stratum is slightly darker, static drones creating a more mournful sound, especially with some of those lower frequencies. It’s a rather introspective piece and doesn’t quite have the same impact as the other two but it’s still a good piece. Overall, TTWW is an interesting release, and recommended to any ambient fans out there.


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