Swirls of Noise radio #31

Here’s SoN radio #31. This weekend’s mix contains a good mix of metal, with Hecate, Utstøtt and Leviathan providing black metal, while Dreamgrave’s brilliant progressive rock, Conclave’s fun stoner doom and The Whorehouse Massacre’s ugly sludge are great listens to. Cloak of Altering, De Magia Veterum and Seirom are all side projects of Gnaw Their Tongues’ Mories, showing how diverse his experimental music is, while Murmuüre contributes avant-garde industrial and Tegh & Kaymar Tavakoli play lovely ambience.

Tegh & Kaymar Tavakoli – Fractal, from Through the Winter Woods, upcoming 2015
Seirom – And the Light Swallowed Everything, from And the Light Swallowed everything, 2014
Murmuüre – Amethyst, from Murmuüre, 2010
Dreamgrave – Black Spiral, from Presentiment, 2014
Hecate – The Order of the Black Light, from The Order of the Black Light, 2014
Utstøtt – Skrotter Under Bølgene, from Hjørungavågr, 2015
Leviathan – Dawn Vibration, from Scar Sighted, 2o15
Cloak of AlteringWhite Inverted Void, from Plague Beasts, 2014
De Magia Veterum – The Stench of Burning Wings, from The Divine Antithesis, 2011
Conclave – Walk the Earth No Longer, from Breaking Ground, 2014
The Whorehouse Massacre – Indignation, from Altar of the Goat Skull/VI, 2015


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