Unrest – Grindcore

Well if the title of this release doesn’t immediately give it a way, what the Brooklyn maniacs in Unrest play is pure grindcore. And they play it really fucking well in fact – taking cues from the masters Nasum and Napalm Death, and mixing in their own hard-core punk edge and a viciousness that’s almost unparalleled, they’ve released a stormer of a début album.

If you haven’t got it by now, it’s simply pure grinding madness. Blastbeats out the wazoo, an arsenal of varied brilliant riffs, grooving distorted bass and spiteful snarled vocals grab you by the throat in opener We’re Calling You Out. And it carries the fervent punky aggression all the way through the varied album, with each track being a knock out. From bursts of razor wire speed, to slower breakdowns and Napalm Death inspired dissonant chords at the higher end of the fretboard, the riffs go from simple and effective, to fast and complex with tinges of melody thrown in too. The vocals are just as varied – from throat shredding yells to aggressive snarls and barking growls, they channel their immense anger in lots of ways. The grooving bass and pounding drums help to complete their sound. Each track is brilliant, whether Quit with the speedy vomiting of vitriolic lyrics, Faith is a Hearse with it’s slow grinding start and subsequent descent into barbarisms, or the dual growls and yells over the dirty breakdown and riffs of Nothing (that’s all you have to give). It’s creative, barbaric, and with the variety of well written track’s it’s almost certainly going to be a cult classic.


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