Swirls of Noise radio #30

Welcome to SoN radio #30. This edition features a varied amount of new metal tracks, and some really interesting and experimental droney ambient from Le Seul Element and Ecka Lena. It’s a killer mix and I hope you enjoy!

The Gentle Storm – Heart of Amsterdam (video mix), from The Diary, upcoming 2015
Malthusian – Forms Become Vapour, from Below the Hengiform, upcoming 2015
Vassafor – Phoenix of the Maelstrom, from Call of the Maelstrom, 2015
Earth and Pillars – Rivers, from Earth I, 2014
Unrest – Faith is a Hearse, from Grindcore, 2015
Infernal Execrator – Iblisupremacy Divine Desimare, from Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent, 2014
Nomadic Rituals – The Great Dying, from Split with Tomes, 2015
Asphyx – Death Hammer, from Death Hammer, 2012
Le Seul Element – Tehee, from Meradiam, 2015
Ecka Liena – Free Precipitation, from Graduals, 2015


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