Swirls of Noise radio #29

Here’s the new SoN radio. New tracks come from Aires & Rui.P.Andrade, who deliver scathing harsh noise, Most Holy Death’s unsettling noise drone, Nightwish’s first single from upcoming album Endless Forms Most Beautiful, and experimental electronics coming from Beachers. And as usual there’s older favourites and a varied mix. Enjoy.

Aires & Rui P.Andrade – Pânico, from Pânico-Ambiente  2015
Most Holy Death – Caravan of Ghosts, from Forsake Your Blood, 2014
Nightwish – Elan, from Endless Forms Most Beautiful, upcoming 2015
After Forever – Energize Me, from After Forever, 2003
Pantheon I – Myself Above All, from Worlds I Create, 2009
Aborym – With No Human Intervention, from With No Human Intervention, 2003
Vectom – Too Fast For Hell, from Speed Revolution, 1985
Beachers – Cellar, from Cracks, 2014
Lucette Bourdin – Inner Vastness, from Horse Heaven, 2010
Pyramids with Nadja – An Angel Was Heard to Cry over the City of Rome, from Pyramids with Nadja, 2009
Kevin Drumm – Hitting the Pavement, from Sheer Hellish Miasma, 2010


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