Aux Field – Imaginable Layers

Here’s another interesting release from Umor Rex records, the debut full length from electronic artist Aux Field. Through the use of synthesizers Aux Field create engrossing soundscapes, propelled along by slow, rhythmic beats. There’s a soft down-tempo atmosphere throughout the album, and it’s a great listen.

The atmosphere is created through the brilliant layering of synths. Lush synth textures drone away in the background, while pulsing bass tones oscillate along in a controlled beat, and bright melodies twinkle their way through the first track Station III. The layers fade in and out, increasing and decreasing in volume over a great six minutes. The album keeps itself varied, Room and Dust is a softer more introspective piece, Model 5 experiments more with inventive tones, and Birma pulses along with strange spacy sounds. The best piece though is Drain Dub, starting with soft twinkling melodies and beautiful ambience in a bright active piece, before a great beat rhythm comes in and pulsing electronics drift in and out, giving a chilled, downtempo atmosphere. Synthesizer magic, recommended.


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