Swirls of Noise radio #28

Here’s Swirls of Noise radio #28. It’s been a shit few weeks full of illness, but at least there’s been some great new music. Not least the first song from Anneke Van Giersbergen’s brilliant new project The Gentle Storm, and she’s also on the new track Fearless from The Sirens, and it’s their best track yet, beautifully gloomy. Other new music comes from black metal legends Marduk, up and coming death metal band Chapel of Disease, one-man grindcore project Void, and some trippy ambience from Aux Field. And there’s some great older metal tracks too. It’s one of the shorter playlists at 45 minutes, but there’s lots of good stuff. Enjoy!

The Sirens – Fearless, 2015
The Gentle Storm – Endless Sea (storm version)
, from The Diary, 2015 (upcoming release)
Marduk – Rope of Regret, from Frontschwein, 2015
Chapel of Disease – Lord of all Death, from The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art, 2015
Void – Distorted Faces (Believe What You’re Told), from Demo 2015
Diocletian – Steel Jaws, from Gesundrian, 2014
Deiphago – Heretic Oath, from Satan, Alpha, Omega, 2015
Horna – Muinaisten alttarilta, from Sanojesi äärelle, 2008
Enslaved – The Beacon, from Axioma Ethica Odini, 2015
Aux Field – Drain Dub, from Imaginable Layers, 2015


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