Ryan Huber – Four Pi

Four Pi is the first release I’ve heard from Ryan Huber, an experimental electronic/drone artist from Massachusetts. There’s a few tracks which aren’t quite so interesting, but when it’s at it’s best it’s a great layered performance of rhythmic drones and textures which show great creativity.

Opening track Cassara is the best on the album, a searing bass drone pulsing it’s way through your skull while lots of textures build up and swirl around it in a fantastic layered piece. The bass drones pulse along rhythmically with a real heaviness, while electronics beep and shine with a bright sharpness in an intricately crafted wall of sound. In the title track the dark percussive bass and noisy industrial textures begin less intense and provide almost a hypnotic sound, before the tempo builds and become much more immersive. In Sultan, bass drones whirr away in an industrial rhythm, while noisy electronics hammer their way along noisily in a dark, downtempo gloomy piece. Hamdan is another great one, with more pulsing bass drones and turbulent walls of synth, building and falling, with loops at different frequencies playing other each other in piece of droning brilliance that’s repetitive and chaotic at the same time.

The rest of the album lets it down though, there’s some pieces which are much more bland unfortunately. The longest track Quirin continues from Four Pi in the vein of pulsing industrial ambience, though it’s a lot less effective and outstaying it’s welcome well before the end. Closer Process is also rather dull too, repetitive loops unfortunately getting rather boring when they don’t really go anywhere.

Overall, when Four Pi is at it’s best it’s a great display of experimentation with drones and textures and is a great listen, but for the rest of it it’s unfortunately a little unimpressive. The four tracks which are great are highly worth checking out though, and can be heard at bandcamp:


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