Swirls of Noise radio #27

Here’s the latest edition of Swirls of Noise radio. New music this week come from black metal group Ecferus, grind legends Napalm Death, drone from Ryan Huber and Rafael Anton Irisarri, while post-metal comes from Northumbria. And, as always, there’s some older favourites in the mix too. Enjoy!

Anna Murphy – Breathe, from Cellar Darling, 2013
Katatonia – Ghost of the Sun, from Viva Emptiness, 2003
Ecferus – All Become Sand, from Prehistory, 2015
Oranssi Pazuzu – Ympyrä on viiva tomussa, from Valonielu, 2015
Napalm Death – How the Years Condemn, from Apex Predator/Easy Meat, 2015
Cancer – Tasteless Incest, from Death Shall Rise, 1991
Nunslaughter – I Hate Christians, from Hex, 2007
Ryan Huber – Sultan, from Four Pi, 2014
Rafael Anton Irisarri – Will Her Heart Burn Anymore_22, from Will Her Heart Burn Anymore, 2015
Northumbria – Bring Down the Sky, from Bring Down the Sky, 2014


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